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Anyone know this font name?


Anyone know this font name? attachment_956374278891b67893ba4565a4978fad

Can someone tell me these fonts name

Didn’t you just post this question before with another two fonts?

Woofy gave you a site to identify fonts. People do not keep a running list of fonts in their heads since there are over a million of them.

Why keep asking about fonts with multiple accounts?


its called Colonna MT


Thank you @misscrystal and @Woofy31 :sunglasses:


Hi,Thanks for your reply.This is my only account and I asked this first time on forum because one of my buyer need a logo with this font


Thank you very much.This is exactly what I want:grinning:


I don’t believe you.


Fiverr know that…I am using broadband with fixed IP.So If I use multiple account Fiverr will block me.I don’t need multiple account because I am happy with one account don’t need another.I know fiverr TOS very well See my profile and reviews I am honest on my work btw believe it or not This is my only account.CaptureOne of my client asking for a logo with this font and I don’t know the name that’s why I am asking on forum.I am leaving forum now.
Thank you


and I got 5 star from this order


So it’s a coincidence this person just happened to ask about fonts at the same time you did then at the same time you asked "Anyone know this font name?"