Anyone know what BYOB is?


This suddenly showed up within my selling sub menu… any idea what it is? It just takes me to the main Fiverr homepage…


I believe it is Bring Your Own Buyers/Business.
It is something being trialed but I don’t know anything more than that.
Presumably some incentive for sellers to get their off Fiverr buyers to come to Fiverr.

History lesson: It was also a campaign Fiverr did a few years ago - Be Your Own Boss.


More end of time messages incoming - soon.


That will be a nice feature. because we have some permanent buyers outside. Sometimes fiverr treat their orders as spam. So that will help those sellers


Can someone mention some reasons why someone with outside buyers would bring them to fiverr to make a purchase?

Why would they not just continue to sell to them on their own? I know there must be some advantages, maybe due to the rules of fiverr and some protection that offers.


Reputation management I guess?

I don’t know why people would want to do that, I know Fiverr would love to take 20% of your outside sales revenue!


BYOB - could be an acronym for something else you know.


I believe the fees are structured differently (possibly starting at 0% but not sure) to standard and there are some limitations to it - eg. if your buyer already has a Fiverr account, you cant say that they were brought by you, even if they bought from you elsewhere.


Hi there,

I don’t see this on my account. Is it only on some people’s accounts or did they get rid of it?

I’m guessing this means that I can place it on my websites to bring outside clients in?



Hey Melanie,

it’s not available to everyone.

Fiverr tests new features on eligible accounts before they decide if the feature is a success or not.


I think you guys should check out this:


I saw Safaricom Company in Kenya, using BYOB for some promotions as BE YOUR OWN BOSS