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Anyone knows how to contact with Fiverr's Affiliate Department?


I started my work as an affiliate with relatively success. I’m still improving my campaigns and my articles to add more areas to promote.

As a newbie I’m still unsecure about what works and what doesn’t. One of the questions I still have, is about the commission payment terms.

I’ve read the affiliate terms of use and apparently the earned commissions are paid 30 days after last month day. But I still have not received any payment. I do not know how and when will I receive these commissions.

Customer support didn’t give me a response. I have phone directly to Fiverr’s office in Telaviv and leave a contact note, but still didn’t receive an answer.

Does anyone knows how to release earned commissions?
Does anyone at Fiverr respond?

Sincerely I’m getting nervous due my hard work become useless.



Fiverr did NOT respond to any of my support messages yet.

I made some Fiverr promotion campaings via Facebook with over 2000 spent dollars.

Now they don’t pay the earned affiliate commissions

And what is even worse, they don’t respond to any of my customer support or affiliate support tickets.

They even don’t respond when I directly phone to their offices in Telaviv.

I think this is more than a poor service.

Sincerely I’m going to stop all my promotion campaigns due I do not want to waste more money.


Hi I totally agree. They do not bother to reply you. I left the message about my invoice being paid but my account manager never replied me neither paid the invoice. Simply do not answer! I have wasted my time and money being their affiliate this is what i feel now!