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Anyone Knows what is the good day to create gigs

Tell ME???

I will tell you that every day is a great day. I have buyers who purchase my gigs every day and at every hour. There is not set time since this site is global. If you gigs cater a specific audience, that may be an exception, but in all honesty, no specific time matters. I hope that helps. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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In general, the best time to create gigs in my opinion when all the CS team is online. From my experience They seem to be most active between midnight and 6AM eastern time. I am not sure what timezone they’re in, but it’s obviously not mine.

Case in point. If you set a gig up, and a video. I have had videos approved in a matter of 30 minutes. Where-as if you submit them during the day, you might be waiting 24 to 48 hours for approval. If you’re new and want a fast approval of your gig and video for your gig, this is the time I recommend it. I also seem to show up in better positions by doing so. Perhaps because I don’t get buried as quickly with other new gigs.

In general in regards to for buyers. It doesn’t really matter. Obviously during a peak time would be ideal but that would generally be any time after about 4.

I found the best time is 1 pm on a Tuesday i have done a lot of split testing and that seems to be the special sauce for me and my gigs.

You know I never really thought about it, I pretty much just leave my gigs up and they get selected at various times. That being said, I don’t get the 5,10 and 20 gigs a day that I read about in here all the time, so I may need to consider making new gigs at specific times and see if anything changes.

By the way, thanks for starting this question, without it I still wouldn’t be thinking about one time over another.

Not true some times are better than others. You can have the best gig but if no one can find it then what good is it.

@superseller2020 I’ll tell you for $5.

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I suppose it doesn’t really make a difference what day your service is created, your service is going to be featured on the ‘New’ section of the particular category probably for a few weeks and after then it is just going to be buried meaning the only way for people to find it will be via keyword searches unless your lucky and get bumped to the top of the page again (*)