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Anyone like me? Bad Situation


Hi friends

My name is Sujit Yadav and I am seller from India. I left my job and started working full time on Fiverr 3 years ago. Everything was going amazing. I was getting great reviews and my experience was great. I was getting orders without even bidding on Buyers requests sections.

But from past 3 months something happened. I stopped getting orders. I thought it will be for few days. But nothing changed. I tried changing keywords, descriptions. But nothing happened. Where I was doing 25+ orders in a month. I am getting only 5-6 orders only. Most of them are also from old clients. No queries. Nothing. This is my only source of income. I have seen lots of threads like that but now I understood the pain behind those posts.

A week earlier I was demoted to First level seller. I am really in pressure. I know most of you will read it quickly and move away like I used to do. But I really need help or motivation. I am not getting any work and afraid that I will lose the first level Badge too. Buyers request section is not helping.

:frowning_face: If anybody can help me please guide me. I will grateful to you guys.



I got same issue. Last 2 month my orders are dropped.
Hope that situation will be better in next month.


Bro you are not alone in this situation,
same here only get orders from old clients Not getting New clien


Same thing happened to me, Sujit! I’m so sorry to hear that.


i think everyone facing this issue


We can only hope!!!


I think you people having some order tips for new user to avail few order now 25 r 30 eequired in a month


Same Here You are Not Alone