Anyone looking for a potential gig? What about this?


I have a new start up for Free small business advertising, the site is servicesofyourcity dot com (We are nation wide). Businesses can come to my site and create a coupon and post it for Free. Might be a good gig for someone to offer (creating coupons for business owners) Check it out. Any thoughts? Coupons obviously have to be appropriate.


I just signed up at the website. It is too hard to select a category because it keeps jumping to the top of the list.

Can you fix this? I haven’t been able to create my coupon and I was thinking of posting a Fiverr gig to create coupons for other business owners.


I have seen what you are talking about, I will have my web designer get on this. You can just click on it and then scroll down until this is addressed sorry for the inconveniance.


I went ahead and posted a coupon in the ‘events’ category. Please let me know when the category issue is resolved and I’ll create a gig to promote your site.

Here’s the link to the post: