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Anyone missing REVENUE from their Revenue page?

Has anyone ever gone through and downloaded their CSV sheets to check to make sure their revenue is correct as shown on their REVENUE page? I did today as it seemed as thought it was lower than it should be and noticed that there were gigs that were delivered and completed and commented with Positive reviews but never paid out after 2 months now. Is this a glitch or something I am missing?

Also, has anyones TODO page shown “You have an unread message waiting for you” and then when they click the RESPOND button it brings them to their INBOX and there are NO new message? This keeps happening to me and it wont seem to go away.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! I did put in a support ticket about this and waiting for a reply. Just wondering if anyone else has had these problems before?

For the second issue, click into your inbox, and then click the “Orders NEW” link (above Custom Orders and below All - Sent on the left hand side). It shows you any/all order updates–pretty cool, but until you click there, it has that dangling message in your to-do box, that doesn’t actually link to that page.

@kgramazio Yes, I experience both of these. For the revenue, you can always add how much you have withdrawn from what Fivverr shows as your total revenue, to get all time revenue. A schmucky system, but until they fix it, we are manually abacus machines. Wee, 2015, I hardly knew ye! As for the remnant to do items, happens all the time. Don’t bug CS, they will tell you it is your browser history, but then they send you a msg saying they have cleared it. Bottom line, they clear themselves after a couple of days. Annoying but true. Welcom to Fiverr. Please fasten your seatbelts, and return your trays and seats to their upright positions. The Captain has informed us that the runway is out, and we have no front landing gear. Wee…