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Anyone notice sellers with 100’s of orders in queue but you can’t even show in search?

I sell social media services I have repeat buyers that love my service so I can keep going however after 2 weeks I have vanished from search? But when I look at competitors they are showing up on page 1-10 in my category and have 100’s of orders in queue !! Complete BS and I with a top quality superior service in my opinion can’t even show up on page 10 of results!! I’m gone !!

Any one else seeing this??
And why is this?
And why does Fiverr not treat there sellers equal?


@chrsplmr I don’t know if this will help but for you it’s worth a try.

Try getting some images related to your gigs rather than the videos.

You can switch this up for a month and see what happens. It might be all the change you need to get back in the search results.

Did you see my question where you asked this question in the other thread, asking how you were now getting orders?

No I did not, and I just noticed my videos did not have sound is that why you say to switch or do you hate the videos? are they not good? or is it the sound? or is it just me?

But thank you for the input :slight_smile:

I have fulfilled over 200 orders and they just took me out of the search engine for no reasoning and now I went from 12 orders a day to 0 a day. This isn’t fair, I have a 4.9 rating with all good satisfied customers. Can anyone tell me what’s going on?