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Anyone Noticed "Add custom price quote"

Damn, it feels good.

Fiverr has added a custom price quote section while messaging with your clients. Good for those who usually provide service worth more than $5

Cheers to all Sellers.

Holy amaze-balls!

Do you know where? Found it It looks like they’re still tinkering with it. But wonderful addition!

Oh I haven’t seen it - I wonder if it’s something available only to level 2 sellers and above? Anyway, sounds like a great addition!

Yah I saw it. Good feature to have.

Seen it and already used it already for express services :slight_smile:

(Cross-posted from the other thread) I just noticed the feature minutes ago and haven’t gotten a chance to try it out. My one concern is, how do we receive ratings? I don’t see an option to select an existing gig under which reviews/ratings will appear.

How will it affect ratings? Do buyers still get to rate?

Reply to @giancarlorosa: I’ve been using the feature for a few months. Unfortunately, ratings don’t appear on your profile anyway, but I believe they do contribute to your overall % rating.

I hope this is changed. Great feedback should always be visible.

I’ve only just noticed it. I guess it makes sense for fiverr to offer bigger sales as it helps them out too not just us sellers. I see it goes right up to $10,000 wow!