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Anyone noticed "Coupons" under the More tab?

Is this brand new or have I merely been incredibly imperceptive?

Hmm. Seems like a rule-abiding way for sellers to finally (indirectly) communicate to former purchasers and attempt to stimulate orders via offering a discount.

Anyone planning on using this, or have thoughts on the coupon program overall?


Might be limited access. I don’t have the ‘option’.


Interesting, so it may be another limited rollout program. Wonder what the qualifying criteria is?


I also do not have access to it yet, though I believe our seller profiles are quite similar :thinking: I wonder if any official communication from Fiverr has been released on that topic ?

That’s kind for you to make a comparison, but you’ve had a meteoric rise in quick succession! I’ve been puttering around and am just now finding some traction in videos. :smile:

Here’s the page for those curious:


Hmm, it seems issuing a coupon is limited to buyers from within 3 months time. So, no sending to old, dusty purchasers from days of yore.


That’s great content you’ve just found there, though no details on who is eligible for using coupons. Maybe that is a progressive rollout.

Thank you too for your kind words, if I could get this “meteoric” effect it’s only thanks to the unawareness of Japanese that Fiverr ever exist. And also that very few of us can actually manage to have a proper command of English, that puts me in an insane advantage compared to what you have to go through in your own market. But given the quality of your gigs and acting, that would make me an ant if I had to run in the same category as you do !


Very interesting. I guess Fiverr predetermines somehow who they think will be most receptive to a coupon request? Probably through a combination of review rating, time period of purchase, and secret review rating.

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This option seems interesting, I don’t have it!

I have it and have sent several to my buyers of the last 3 months. Only one has taken advantage of it, but hey, I can send more.


Have you had it for a while, or is it brand new?

Maybe a month or 3 weeks.

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Cool feature, I don’t have access to it yet, I’d love to.
Anything enabling us to legitimately connect to old buyers is welcome!

I noticed this on my profile this morning. We have similar gigs and we are in the same category.
I’ve sent out some coupons, I think it’s an excellent way to reward our repeat customers.

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I don’t have the option. Maybe this is for some selective sellers

So if we create a coupon and send to our clients, the amount will be deducted from the original amount or what? Like suppose, me and the client has agreed a deal for 100 USD. After fiverr deduction, i get 80 USD. But if i send a coupon, will the discount be deducted from 80 usd or what?

Huh, that’s strange. The “Coupons” button suddenly disappeared from my More tab.

Was I not supposed to let the cat out of the bag?

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Haha! I just checked and it isn’t there either. I probably wouldn’t use this anyway. My return clients always pay full whack but I usually shave a bit off every 10th order or so.

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Mine is gone too! And I was just going to use it!