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Anyone noticed "Coupons" under the More tab?

It is not on my dash.

It’s in the Seller Plus tab now.


I’m guessing it’s available to Seller Plus sellers only.


It’s been available for a couple of months now.
(On a limited number of sellers )

Fiverr pre-determines which of your previous buyers are good candidates for you to send coupons to.

You can’t select any buyer you want, and yes there seems to be a cut-off by date as well.

You can send a templated message along with an option to offer a one-off discount of 10%-40%, or write a custom, personalized message.

It’s currently being rolled out to more users so if you got it for a moment and then it was gone, it will most likely come back sooner or later as it means you are in the next group.

P.S. Notice how Fiverr can tell who is a good candidate to get a discount? Remember when I said that Fiverr logs a lot of data from buyers to create good matches? :wink:


I don’t even have SELLER PLUS Tab. :grinning:

That’s really a nice Feature. I will use it, if fiverr allows me.

Noticed them, won’t use them yet.


Coupons were moved under the Seller Plus tab.


I’m not sure about that though :thinking: 80% of people in my list are buyers who bought LogoMaker logo, not even from my gig and they never contacted me before and they don’t have any reviews as buyers on their profiles


I’m not saying that the buyers Fiverr picks for us are the best of the bunch.

In my case the list was so and so in terms of value.

What I am trying to say is that Fiverr has a way to qualify buyers. Is it perfect? Far from it.

Will it improve with time? You betcha.