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Anyone offering gigs in multiple niches?

Wow, hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve popped over to the forum. I’m working full time, expecting my first child, and finally found a routine (or created one) that would allow me to dip into my favorite past time–FREELANCING! :hugs:

I’m just curious though, is there anyone out there offering gigs in completely different niches? I’ve thought of at least 10 different ways I can earn additional coins by offering services similar to those I do for my day job here on Fiverr, however the work I currently do on Fiverr is so far removed from what I do on my day job on a daily basis, I’m wondering how buyers would react. I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m all over the place but I don’t want to miss out on potential sales either–or a chance to grow my home based business in a different direction.

Anyone else offering gigs that are polar opposites with success?
Any advice?

I’ve got a good amount of reviews to let buyers know I’m a serious contender but just curious if anyone else is doing this or has a similar concern.

Happy Selling, Doers!

Life and Blessings,



I’m a student who doesn’t have a day job so this probably doesn’t count (I just wanted to comment because this topic is cool and I have natural admiration for people who can sing/do voiceovers/anything with their voices), but I’m offering gigs in very artsy writing/translation things and all my internships (and probably my future career) have been in marketing.

I was one of those kids who wanted to be a writer for a living before I realized that writing doesn’t pay the bills as well as you want it to. So here I am on Fiverr :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome! I think if you’re persistent, writing can certainly pay your bills. It may take time, as nothing is overnight but before I went back to work, all I had was Fiverr and a few other platforms but mostly Fiverr and I must say it covered my mortgage and a few other expenses–for that I’m grateful. I never thought singing or providing voice over would be beneficial and while I’m NOT a millionaire because of Fiverr (yet, hehe) I’m not homeless. I’ve never had a utility service interruption, and I owe much of that to Fiverr. Now that I am working, I just want to find a way to increase my sales b/c I’ve fallen back since going back to work and legitimately possess an entirely different set of skills…

Just dont give up, keep at it. What you want to do will eventually pay! =)


Welcome to fiverr Aliz :slight_smile: My main gigs on fiverr are voiceover related gigs, but off fiverr I also work as a business coach, so have offered that here as well. Quite different types of work. Only a few takers for the business coaching gig on fiverr so far due to the price point and maybe due to people seeing my profile as a voiceover rather than business focused, but I’ve been building a nice client base for a few years, so I’m OK with that. Off fiverr, I kept them completely separate, as some clients at first found it confusing that I did both. I don’t think I would ever want the coaching to take over my VO work, as I really love the VO, but its nice to have some diversified income streams :slight_smile:


I am offering translation and writing services for different things. In the first gig, an English to Spanish and vice versa texts translations. In the second one, an article about SEO.

I am going to create a new gig offering short videos translation from English to Spanish or from Spa to Eng…

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Your work will speak for itself. As long as you are able to produce quality work, you dont have to worry!!
I am a professional writer and have had a great experience here

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Good to know. I too do voice over and music related (all audio niche) gigs but considered keeping them separate. Thanks for the encouragement!

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