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Anyone Please Suggest Me!

My gig have daily 60+ unique views but I see no sales in recent 2 days. But why ? If I aspect the conversion rate is 2% so at least I should get 1 sale where I have 5* Rating.

Please check my gig and suggest me.

Hi, i am also a level 1 seller but working for so many freelancing sites…i just went through the gig, its pretty good gig as you provide backlinks. But your overall rating is almost 96%, nowadays buyers are more smarter especially web owners. They will do a search on for high rated sellers or looking for smart offers. Lots of other sellers with level 2 are providing more offers than you. So just try to increase your offer for dollar 5 with a perfect description and keywords with some promotional works. This may help…

Er, he has 5 stars…am I missing something? Are you German/Austrian/Swiss, OP? “Suggest me” is very Germanic…

There are 3M services. You would get a sale if you make your gig to stand out. and nobody here will tell you how to stand out, only you can know it with a timely experience. Good luck.

Every thing is Perfect.
Its just you Hard Luck.
NO need to worry.

3M is a office supplies company. I assume you meant 3 marketing. He’s already made sales. I… will just watch this thread with fascination.

I don’t know what 3 marketing is, but it’s your jargon, not mine.

Using the phrase “suggest me” is subliminal programming just as is “buy 4 now” as a way of saying bye for now.

Try not to act so desperate. You are a level one seller and a thread like this is not becoming of a level one. If anything a thread like this may harm your ability to make more sales and reach higher levels.

Just be patient and let your quality of work and satisfied customers do your talking for you.

I think he meant 3 million, actually. That makes much more sense in context.

It is just luck. Your sales will most likely go in waves. You may have a few days with no sales, and then several sale in one or two days.

I am trying hard and aspect to recover my sales.

Its all about your Hard work and results depend on your Good Luck.

.LoL. I meant to say 3 Millions.