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Anyone related to Intro Videos and Logo animation gig? [Gig promoting]

Hey, Hope you all are Fine. I was wondering if anyone of you help me.

  • I want to promote my gigs but I have no idea where should on Facebook, Google+ etc should I promote my gigs.

  • I would be happy and very thankful if someone share me links of the places that would be suitable for gigs sharing or promoting related to intro videos and animation of Logos.

  • Please share your experience.

Thank You!


@expertpeople Please Read my message what I’m asking for before reply!


i have the same gig but i dont have any idea because i just let fiverr do the job and its not very profitable anyway :sweat_smile:

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Same problem here :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

@bigo123 @parachaahmer2
I have +15k in intro animation,

Create your unique gig video presentation
Impresses customers in the first 20 sec.
Describe what you offer
Use your animations
Do not clone a video that has a positive rating with thousands of customers, try something different

Share in social media

@parachaahmer2 have you tried promoting your gigs over on videohive’s official forum? :smirk_cat:

Great advice, but I noticed a lot of shared animations on your logo animation gig with @bigo123 's gig:

A legitimate question I have: where do you guys get those logo animation templates I see all over Fiverr?
Like 6 out of 10 sellers offer the same exact animations, yet I don’t recognize any VH ones.

Is someone sharing a mega-pack of some sort online?

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Can’t speak for anybody else - mine aren’t from VH and I have a full, commercial licence for several hundred logo intro templates.

Where I got them - that would be telling! :grinning:


I specifically referred to the video presentation. Are not from VH.An unlimited number of clients license.

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Yes I know they are not from VH, hence why I asked.

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No idea - mine are different to the other posters.

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Was my reply just removed because I was “promoting”?

I never said where I found it or what the name of the product was, how was that promoting??



@gogugmg wow! 15k+ customers? How many order do you receive daily?
btw Thanks For You advice. But I want to know that where on social media should I share. Like can you please tell me or share me about pages or communities where it will be suitable that I share my gig.


@frank_d would it really works? that if I share my gigs on VH’s forum?

Yes, absolutely! :slight_smile:

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ok @frank_d … Thanks!

@frank_d isn’t it spamming? I received this notification “Akismet has temporarily hidden your post”. On Envato Forum.

Have a think as to whether advertising your gigs on Envato would be a good idea or not. A really, really good think.

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@offlinehelpers isn’t its spamming? :confused:

Read what I said again please, and think about where your templates came from. Then decide if it’s a good idea to advertise your gigs on there or not.


Actually they are not from envato. But still I feel fear because I think it’s spamming. :confused:

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