Anyone saw message from gig_listing? its scam or what?


i saw a message from gig listing asking for providing details on a site and they will list my gigs.
any there seller got the message ? user saying that its is fiverr verified. But i dont think so. Its a trap for getting details.
What you all thinking about it.


@katja1700 I think clicking report button for spam messages is ok. When we click on Report button it will count as our response. So no need to worry about response rate then.


its a scam don’t share any details!!


The website is also asking for “Answer for security question” its sounds a fishing website.


Report spam.


You do need to reply to even spam unfortunately. I learned the hard way.


Reply to @ilovenish: Already reported.


Reply to @madmoo: Than You so much for detailed info i clicked Report button already.
Thank You :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: I thought the response rate isn’t affected if you don’t reply at all? Especially on spam that’s not very wise to do anyway, wouldn’t that just encourage them, getting an answer?

Do I have to reply to the newsletter I got from fiverr the other day? That’ll definitely screw the rate o_O
Sorry I’m still bit green about the site and it’s sometimes difficult to understand algorithms…


Reply to @misscrystal: OH…




This is from July 2015. It’s nice you came back to say thanks even after 9 months.


Hehe Now fiver forum improved alot and Now all topics will be answered in no time. Before this it was hard to get notification about update on any topic. Thanks again.