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Anyone suggest me some place where I can Marketing my gig?


I am new in fiverr marketplace. I want to make my a good career using my working experience. I already created gig. But I don’t know where to marketing. Social media is a good platform I know. But how can find my targeted client?
Another thing if I talk about forum posting or blog commenting then can someone suggest me some site or marketplace where I can find my related client.

I have some good experienced. But I don’t want waste it. I practice it regularly. But I want to prove myself that I am fit for fiverr and other marketplace.

Thanks Everyone.


Well, we can not help you because we don’t even know who is your target audience and even what services you are offering.

And to be honest that’s not something we can help you with.
You will have to invest YOUR time to learn proper marketing, who is your target audience and how to do it.

The world nowadays is fast moving and just having one skill is not enough. Being a freelancer is learning all spheres including marketing. I know you are looking for the easy way but there is none. If we will tell you right now market your gig on Fb Instagram or whatever it will only hurt you more.

If you don’t want invest your time in doing readearch even just in google where a lot of materials you can find for free then you can hire someone to teach you and spend your money for their time.


I don’t understand where I spent my time. Actually I audience are data entry or file convert related. I can also do background removal works. pls help me out get a success.


Please refer to my previous message. If you don’t understand it then use google translate or improve your language skills.