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Anyone Tell Me What Is This In My Byer Requests Section



I Dont Know What Is This ?

If Anyone Know How To Solve This Please Leave A Reply


i think your seller not more satisfied and given you less stars…so your positive rating is not above 90%


Thnx For Response - See Attached File


You failed to deliver an order once and Fiverr gave you a 1 star review. You will need several positive reviews to fix it. Until you fix it, you are blocked from using Buyer Requests.


Mam I Have Only 1 Star In One Gig Then I Am Earned Total 25 Stars In My Next Order Reviews

But Still This Facing This Issue


You need more, sorry.


Yes, when you gain more positive ratings you’ll be able to view it. Right now you have an 88% positive review so your almost there! If its an consolation, there aren’t many buyer requests anymore to view anyways… Hope this helps!


OK Mam

I Hope I Can Get More Order In Future

Thank You


i am new here but i can tell you that if your rating is above 4.9 is very good for yours.
And good luck for that