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Anyone to update website from Amazon Affiliate to Ebay Affiliate?


I need someone trustworthy to replace all my amazon affiliate links to ebay links. Is there anyone able to do this? I recently had a falling out with Amazon due to their stringent rules. I have ebay affiliate account that I’ve never used and would like to transfer everything (product links) to ebay affiliate product links for the same product. I need a trustworthy and dependable person for this. Thank you.


Hey. Did you ever get your links switched over? I am pretty fast on the computer and could knock it out for you. I didn’t sell 3 items in my 6 months of being an Amazon Affiliate, so I will be redoing all my affiliate links soon (so I have been preparing myself for this kind of work (:smile: I’ll charge $15 an hour… I am fast, meticulous and good with computer short cuts and I have dual screens set up, so it shouldn’t take me too long, depending on your links.