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Anyone wants a html template for coffee-shop?


Hey guys,

I recently created a responsive template for coffee-shops, Let me know what you think about the template. Any advice is appreciated.

gig :

demo :



There are a few responsive layout issues, but I think the main question here is how would a customer update the content? Is there a backend?

A medium sized business will not buy this and a startup owner needs a solution with a user-friendly backend.
They don’t want to hire a developer to update menu.


hey thanks,

This is only an html template, customer has to edit the html file, that’s why it’s so cheap, but my plan is to offer Wordpress convert service as well.


An average Joy who owns a coffee shop will not do this.

Don’t offer conversion. Do all your websites on WordPress.
If you pick a decent theme or a builder you’ll be able to take this to a next level.

Or build for Magento. Your profile says you’re a certified developer for Magento.


Thanks for the great tips. Really appreciated.