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Anyone watching the Oscars?


I have a feeling that it’s going to be politically loaded, and I won’t enjoy watching it, if you know what I mean. But have to, I am covering the Oscars for a client. So will hold my nose and watch like a professional :wink:


Wow! You really should charge more.

Having bought from you, I’m glad you don’t but if you did, it wouldn’t deter me. You having to watch something you don’t want to in name of research for a client is worth way more than $5. I hope you’re getting more.

Well, no more forum for me today. I have tons of work to do and haven’t even started yet and it’s past 10 here!

I wish I could hire real assistants vice V.A. on 5r. “I ho, I ho, it’s off to work I go.” Catch ya tomorrow!


That’s a good point.


that’s great job :slight_smile:


This year’s Oscars made me go LOL…what a major goof-up at the end :smiley: :laughing: