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Anyone who can give me some advice?

Hello Everyone :wave:

I have got 3 gigs right now but still nobody send me something…
Please, is there anybody who can give me some suggestions about them?
I think I am trying my best but my sales are still zero.
I appreciate any advice and new idea you gonna give me :heart_eyes:

Thank you for your time and good luck! :star_struck:

If you have enough time check my gigs in the following links:


Your profile says you joined in July. It’s only the 4th of July today. Don’t worry if you haven’t been contacted yet. It can take new sellers a while to get going.

I checked out your maths Gig, and two ideas came to mind:

  • First, you say you have two years of relevant experience. Perhaps you could expand that point into a paragraph – talk a little more about that experience.

  • Second, in your Gig description, you may have to specify that you don’t do academic work. We’re not allowed to do that on Fiverr, but you’d better believe unscrupulous buyers try to get sellers to do academic work for them anyway. If you don’t have a disclaimer about academic assignments, you may get lots of messages from time wasters.