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Anyone who has had success with Twitter adverts?

I have done research and found out that majority of my target customers spend more time on Twitter than any other social media platform. So I was thinking of promoting my copywriting services on Twitter to boost sales. Also, my budget is very tight.

Has anyone had success with Twitter ads? How did you go about it?

Your response will highly be appreciated.


I had some suggestions to offer, but there are some super critical people on this forum who might feel inclined to comment, and I prefer not to engage with them.

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That’s a shame - I liked the suggestion you made - don’t know why you withdrew it! :sunny:

I’ve also posted my reviews on Twitter, as images, or indeed videos, and they seem to work well!


Thanks for the positive thoughts, Offlinehelpers! I’ll re-add my comments!


I post regularly on Twitter. I see a lot of orders from people who have just joined Fiverr, and I suspect some are from the tweets I post.

I have found that it helps to have feedback from a buyer, and then follow with a link to my gig. The buyer comment gives the tweet the impact of a testimonial. It works like this:

Let me write a whiteboard video script for your business. “Great writing, great service! Dan always delivers on his promise.” Gig Link.

The best part - this strategy is free! :slight_smile:

If I get a comment about this technique, and don’t respond, please understand that I choose not to engage with certain people.


@danno1950 Very interesting! How many followers do you have? Are they from a particular niche related to your gigs?

Yes, misscrystal, it is really interesting! I have just under 20,000 followers, and a lot of retweets. I gathered most of them when I was publicizing a book I had published, but I’ve been adding small businesses, since that’s who I work with a lot now.

I connect with people other ways, but over time, Twitter has proven most effective for an initial interaction.


This is awesome. Thanks a lot sharing with us. I’ve already started using these strategies as well.

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I totally agree. People on Twitter tend to follow accounts they share the same interests with.

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Excellent, @trooviez9! I’m glad you like this strategy! I hope it brings you much success! :slight_smile:

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Absolutely! You can even search keywords to find users to follow!

Oh, and I use Hootsuite to manage my accounts. I can schedule up to 30 tweets free, so I don’t have to be stuck at the computer sending tweets.


Awesome. Thanks …

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