Anyone who have promoted their gigs using Facebook Ads and/or Google AdWords?


I’d like to ask if anyone here has or have been promoting their gigs with Facebook Ads and/or Google Adwords.

If yes, how’s the rate of conversion?


I have thought about it but decided I needed to spend my money on something that has more of a guarantee return


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Yeah I’m hesitating a bit, but I guess I have to try to do an experiment


I have tried that briefly. Got almost 200 click from adwords at 0,01 cent but no conversions so I stopped doing it for now :slight_smile:


I have done a little SEO using YouTube. Ranking to Page 1 - no conversions that I know of but no way of actually tracking that without a landing page. Wait, maybe I’ll try that!!


Thanks for the inputs, guys. So perhaps I’ll just do some SEO work first :slight_smile:


I put all my gig videos on YouTube too, but haven’t promoted them in any way, besides linking them on twitter and facebook.


Reply to @refugeek: You should optimize your YouTube videos to rank on page one, highest possible. If you need to know how to do that, contact me.


Reply to @lparziale: Good luck LP


Reply to @nrallstars: Thanks! I love SEO, especially in YouTube. Fun stuff.


I promote my gigs through facebook at the moment. I have an account with almost 4000 friend but I can’t say that I see something significant yet…


Reply to @lparziale: thanks, I’ll keep it in mind. I do know some SEO stuff, but haven’t gotten round to it yet…


Reply to @rodesigners: I guess that depends on who those friends are… if they’re real people and relevant to your target audience, I guess promoting to 4000 people is definitely an advantage and you should see some orders from it.


Reply to @lparziale: I also need help on how to optimize Youtube videos. Can I contact you for help? :slight_smile:


If it was an ad at the side maybe I would, but not that “Promote” thing to get it higher in your feed…

I’m pretty shy and I dont really have more than a couple friends v_v… so it’d be useless, lol


Reply to @magisworks: You bet, would be happy to assist. Send me a message.


Reply to @refugeek: Yup. I think that most of them are from facebook . I also have a signature on my profiles on some graphic related forums. I’m assuming that works too.


Reply to @rodesigners: Yeah I’m sure it does. I need to get more active on graphic design forums, can’t hurt!


I was a bit surprised … I only have my account for 6 days and I placed the signatures starting from day 2 after I joined fiverr . All I can say is that I already made 20 orders and still have 12 waiting


Reply to @rodesigners: Yeah I’ll give it a try, but I’m still doing other stuff besides Fiverr so I’ve gotta find some time for it :slight_smile: