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Anyone willing to review and critique my profile?

Looking to increase clicks and begin my freelancer duties! Hoping someone would be willing to befriend me and give me honest, useful critiques! Thanks y’all!


Hey Darah! Welcome to the forum.

Your desire for quality comes through in your profile description. That’s something I noticed quickly, which is good.

One thing you can improve is your gig pic. As it’s been uploaded in portrait, most of it’s cut off when displayed as a thumbnail. Below is how your gig will appear in the search results. While I’ve heard feet can be a big selling point online, I’m sure you’ll have more luck if the rest of your body also shows. :slight_smile:


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Ya sure. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Create a link to your fiverr profile on your forum profile. Check how its setup on mine.
  2. You can have 7 active gigs as a new seller. So create 7 active gigs instead of one.
  3. Your gig title is too generic make it very specific.
  4. Your bio / profile description gives the impression that wanna work at fiverr part time / in your free time. It should give the impression you wanna work full time and you are available immediately.

Thank you! I have edited it and hopefully they are all now appropriately visible!

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I cannot figure out how to add the link to my forum profile? I can barely get back to edit my profile :sweat_smile:

Looks like you need a VA.