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Anyone with issues when using Firefox?



I have always used Fiverr on Chrome, but now I want to use it on Firefox, however, I can’t log in.
I’m sure I’m using the correct username and password, however, I’m not able to log in. In fact, it doesn’t say that I’m introducing a word pass/email… I just click on “continue” but nothing happens.

I have already delete cookies as suggested by CST

Anyone having the same issue??

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Yes I have the same issue. I used to use Firefox all the time for Fiverr and stayed logged in. When I had to re-log in again it wouldn’t let me even though the same log in works with other browsers.

You could contact CS and report the bug. Maybe they’ll fix it one year. But they’ll likely just say to use Chrome and probably won’t fix it. But hopefully if enough people ask they’ll fix the issue.

I think one site said uninstalling Firefox and then doing a new install could fix it for a while but then it would stop working again with Fiverr.

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


Exact same problem here. I tested and purposefully typed the wrong password and it actually warned me that the password is wrong. But typing the correct credentials results in absolute futility - the logon screen remains up. I have cleared cache and everything, disabled all add-ons, disabled pop-up and malicious site protections, disabled virus scanner, even uninstalled and re-installed, all to no avail. I can log into any other website with Firefox, and yet Fiverr it is impossible. At least it’s not just me. But, this problem appears to be happening off and on for years. If I cannot log in with my preferred browser, my customers likewise cannot log in. That reduces the viability of Fiverr as a platform connecting professional to customer. I hope they recognize this and finally solve this issue without resorting to the lazy “use the other browser” recommendation. I escaped browser lockin via Explorer. Am not eager to return to those dark days.


Just clear the cache from the Firefox browser settings. I had faced the same situation. But didn’t happen recently. If the problem is still there you have to clear the cookies for Fiverr.

Fiverr prefers Chrome browser over other browsers. Chrome is not suitable for my needs and it is bulky and memory hog. Hope the development staff understands this.


Try opening it in a new tab. It worked for me a few times then it stopped working!:sweat: So Im not entirely sure it would work or not.