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Anyone's loosing orders?

This month, I usually get 5 clients per 3 weeks and around 9 people messaging me in Fiverr. Now this month, for the whole 30 days, I had no clients or contacts whatsoever.

Is anyone experiencing the same thing?

I tried checking my gig’s stats and seems Fiverr is still working on it, is this the cause of me loosing orders or is this site-wide?


In time, many seller don;t get order.

That is a display error. It doesn’t affect the algorithm.

Hello, My gig was ranked on Top 10 page from last 3 months. I got 3 - 4 order per day and 8 -10 inquiries but suddenly I didn’t get any new order and inquires so if possible can you help me?

You are the only person who get earn yourself more orders. What actions have you been taking to reach out to your target customers and convince them to hire you?

Facing same issue from last 45 days and fiverr response is quite disappointing… It seems that account is demotivated as per their soo called algorithm or we have to wait for our next good luck…