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Anything I can improve?

Hello there…

I opened an account here few months ago (october), but I really don’t know if there’s trafic on my page, furthemore I can’t even find my profile when I do a research on fiverr for “Illustration” with my price range…

here is my profile :

I don’t know how can I bring people to my page (even if one person found me a couple of week ago and messaged me). I think my page is very complete and clear, but… well , tell me if there’s anything to modify here.

(ps : don’t tell me my price is too high, it’s absolutely not compared to some so called artists who sell there “art” for 400 bucks…)


You can Check again your title, descriptions, tag. Because It’s very significant to have the targeted keywords in the title, descriptions, and the Tag section.

After that you can spread your gig to many social platform for get more traffic.

You can write some article to your relevant blog as a guest post. Where you can indirectly promote your gig.

I think it will work.

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What you could do is add an FAQ section that gave more info, eg. what resolution the images would be, what types of things you paint. Maybe have a link to a site (making sure it is one of the Fiverr-approved links) with more examples. Maybe add a gig video that shows more examples.

You could also use packages if you wanted to offer paintings of different complexities’/resolutions for different prices. You could also create a gig for matte paintings.

All right, do you mean having several gigs brings more trafic ?

I’ll try to be more active on social network too, my activity is close to zero, if not below…

I think it can help and help to get more orders if you are catering to buyers with different needs. If you can do X & Y and but only have a gig for X but some buyers would want and buy Y, adding a gig for Y would increase orders, assuming the gig was priced in a way that was affordable to the buyers. But also different buyers will search for different things. Having different gigs (and it can’t be exactly the same gig under a different title) could help more buyers find the gig they are looking for.

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