Anything wrong with my gigs?


Hello. I need your advice. Before becoming a level one seller, I used to get a lot of orders in a week. However, since I got the badge, my sales have significantly dropped. Could there be a problem with my gigs?


No problem with your gigs sir, you are just experiencing fiverr ridiculous analytic. Sometimes we never wish to be given the badge because of issues like this, and sometimes we would wish to get the badge in order to making sales too.


Hi Writerogers, Same thing happened with me. I talked to seller support, they told me to promote my gig on social networks and engage and be active on Fiverr forums. I did all the necessary things, but nothing worked. Then I checked the social signals of gigs those are ranking on top, you will not believe their social signals were zero. That means those people have not even shared their gigs once. The only difference was that their gig was far more costlier than mine. Not sure what Fiverr is doing, but this is not good.


Thanks for your reply. This is somehow comforting.


Thanks a lot for this reply. I wonder why they have to take us through all these.


Very similar experience here. I have also promoted mine severally but nothing seems to take shape. I don’t know why the badge thing should cost us this much.


Hello, Same happened with me. Let’s promote gigs on social media and let’s see the results. Thanks


Hi Writerrogers, Is there any chance you have updated you gig tags?


Not really. I didn’t update anything on the gigs. I have just been patient hoping things will get better.


Hello @writerrogers Have you got any order?


Yea.I have been getting some of late.


Ok. Are you still facing the same problem? I am not showing anywhere in searches