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Anything wrong with my profile?

I have completed 3 orders with 5 star ratings but since last 25 day I got no orders or massages. Also not seeing gig impressions due to the fiverr bug driving me more demotivated.
I am thinking if anything going wrong with my profile. If anyone can suggest me I will be very glad.
Thanks in advance.
Profile link:

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I wouldn’t say you are doing anything “wrong”. The only point I’d make is that you have unlimited revisions on all your gig packages. This can be counter productive and might make buyers turn away as you shouldn’t need a huge amount of revisions to make quality work.

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Thanks for the suggestion man. I will definitely change that.

It says “Graduated 2021”. Graduated=in the past.


Actually I did not find in option to say that I am still in college. BTW if it is the only mistake in my profile then I will be very happy to hear that. lol.

@designerjakwan Are you edit your Gig Recent?

yes. I did edit 2/3 of my gigs.

@designerjakwan It’s the main cause of your profile/gigs down!

Brother can you please explain a bit more?

@designerjakwan Fiverr Algorithm Now Updating! So any edit gig lost ranking, Now You can wait some days to Untill rank your gig! brothers

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Thanks for the information brother!!!

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@designerjakwan Welcome brother!

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