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Anything wrong?



Some of my gigs have ranked in 1st row of tthe recommended page.But I didn’t have any new message for last 4 days.

Anything wrong? Is there anyone who is having tge same issue?


There is nothing wrong. The Recommended page changes drastically based upon many factors. You are not guaranteed any specific ranking or placement in the Fiverr search results (or the recommended page).

If you’re not being seen where you want here on Fiverr, then take the time to get out into the world and market and promote your gigs on your own. You have the ability to promote your business like any businessman does. Don’t count on Fiverr to make you successful. You need to be willing to do a great deal of business work to achieve success.

Hard work = success. Success is never free.


You may have made a comment without properly reading my post.

As I said: Some of my gigs have ranked! That means I am holding the 1st position with few gigs that was used to get regular messages.

The rank remains same (got 100+ views) but nothing happened for last few days.

I know what to do for ranking Fiverr gigs. Fiverr was working with some major updates. That’s the reason I was asking people if anything similar happened to them.

I know Fiverr guarantees nothing. And a level 2 seller knows Success is not for free. Thanks for your advice by the way.


It’s been a holiday weekend in many countries over the last few days, so no surprise if things have quietened down a bit.

Thank you @jonbaas BTW! :slight_smile:


Like I said in my previous comment:

If you’re not gaining the sales you want, get out there and marketing/promote your gigs. Don’t expect the Fiverr search results (no matter where you rank) to be your only source of sales.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


hi, same here. whatever the reason these days fiverr site having some issue with search results… but fiverr CS never believe that…:cry::cry::cry:


Please stop making these kinds of assumptions. Fiverr is aware of the search results issue. They made a few announcements about it in recent weeks. In fact, they have acknowledged the issue publicly, and stated that they are working on finding a solution. In addition, only last week, they announced that the search system was switching over to a tag-based search (in the coming months), rather than the current system.

Fiver is NOT ignoring the issue. Of that I can assure you.

This doom and gloom about the search system is getting REALLY old. Yes, it is frustating that the only thing you can do is be patient. But… I’m sorry to be the bearer of tough news… yes, you’re just going to have to be patient. The search system will be upgraded when Fiverr upgrades it, and not a minute sooner.


Great advise my man…