Anyway a buyer can take off a negative review?


I recently had a gig cancelled due to late delivery, which gave me a negative mark on my gig (my first of almost 400 gigs).

However, late delivery was not the issue here - the buyer failed to send me instructions. They wanted me to record a voicemail greeting for them, but they were trying to figure out how I could call into their voicemail system to record it. I communicated with them over several days and waited patiently while they figured it out, and then this morning they cancelled the order. I’m guessing they couldn’t figure it out and decided to cancel the whole thing, but by canceling it due to late delivery, I now have a negative mark.

I want to contact the buyer to see if they can remove this negative mark. Is such a thing possible?

Thanks everyone!



Thanks, arnevb! I’ll contact them now.


Yes contract the buyer and customer support. I have had that happen some times the buyer just clicks the wrong Button. Send a message tho the buyer first asking if thus is the case. Also send a very detailed info to support.


I’d contact the buyer first. I once had a buyer who cancelled an order “due to late delivery” but it was because of a series of messages led to the two of us deciding that the gig wasn’t right for him. I contacted him politely about the negative feedback and he contacted support to ask for it to be removed; he even came back a few weeks later and ordered a gig with something that did work for him.