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Apologies to Fiverr

Hello Everyone. Hello fiverr. This is the first time I’ll be using this forum and I hope that you guys help me.

First, Fiverr has changed my life. I’m an happy person now and I can to some extend take care of people that depends on me.

I have never for once intentionally want to go against fiverr rules and regulations.

However, some things aren’t avoided. Hmm .
My first warning was because I delivered an empty job to a Buyer… I know Fiverr doenst need my explanation but the reason why this happened was that I was serving in my country - a totally remote areas where network was a big issue. I have to be awake most nights do deliver. So on that particular day, the network wouldn’t allow me deliver the job so in order to buy time, I delivered something else with a note to the buyer telling him, I’d deliver the job later in the day…

My second warning was as a result of a Buyer again that was threatening me. He ordered my gig and I delivered the job but he didn’t come online until after three days. The money already marked as completed but he continued to request changes and I felt there was no way to refund back the money as the option for resolution wasn’t available anymore. So, I had to mention paypal in out chat (the reason was to refund the money) and never to take the business outside. I will never do that…

Again, this is my fault Because ignorance is not an excuse.

Lastly, my third recent warning is what I don’t understand. She is a returning Buyer. She requested that I help me lighten an image that I had earlier cropped for her.she ordered and then I delivered… And then, almost immediately, she discovered she had a better image and so wanted a refund. Being a returning buyer. I told her cancelling will affect my order completion rate and that fiverr won’t understand but will definitely reduce the rate… So I told her to bring another job e.g Logo, or any other thing with a promise to do it for me. I didn’t want to cancel the order…

She reported me instead and this landed me into trouble. My account is currently restricted. I can not receive or place any order. I cannot chat. The account is just there. I mailed the fiverr team apologizing but Andre told me it will take several months.

How do I survive within these months?
What if it get blocked eventually?

I got demoted from level one after the second warning and then the next day after I climed back to level one, my account got restricted.

Fiverr, I am very sorry and I promise not to do anything against you again.

Please. I’m deserted. Unhappy and Sad. Please, I accept all these faults. I will not do anything against the rules and regulations again.

Please release my Account and Monitor me. I will be maximally careful Fiverr.

Dear Buyers and Sellers, please help me apologize to fiverr on my behalf.
Pls help me.

I love you all.


It must be horrible to be in your situation, and the last thing you need is someone further lecturing you on what you did wrong, so I won’t do that.

But what do you hope to gain from this post? Fiverr staff don’t read the forum. And we’re just Sellers like you (plus some buyers also). Pleading to us isn’t going to help.

The hard truth is that you’re facing the repercussions of your actions… There’s nothing anyone here can do to stop that for you. You’re going to have to be patient. And in the meantime, find another way of making money.

Good luck.

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Thank you. I’m just confused. It’s well. They wouldn’t even consider that one has worked for many buyers.

But can you imagine if they DID consider that? That’s called corruption. We’re a Top Rated Seller. Should we be allowed more opportunities to break the rules than a new seller? Or should we be held to the same standard as everyone else?

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Thanks for your response ma’am.:blush:

Good and straight forward answer.