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Apologized for my last topic


How i supposed to delete this topic


It’s your option to accept a job or cancel it and if a picture is bad or the guy looks or seems bad in some way then cancel it. Fiverr won’t hold your hand and tell you each time:

this buyer is good, this buyer is bad.

It’s up to you to be wise about who to do jobs for.


Umm, It doesn’t matter if the buyer is poor or rich. It’s in your hands whether you are accepting the work or not. If a buyer doesn’t like the Avatar so it doesn’t mean that he is a poor guy. Maybe he really don’t like what you had provided to review.


Not necessarily. Some buyers act like that, too.

You may wish to remove the buyer’s country, the country of origin doesn’t matter, and you wouldn’t want someone naming your country like that.

I agree with @misscrystal, if you get a photo that’s so bad you can’t do your job properly, then refuse to do it, regardless of who places the order. Reselling has nothing to do with that.

Another thing to do would be to refuse to refund the buyer, if you’re certain of the quality of your work. If you have delivered as promised, you can explain to your buyer that you have done as instructed, and that his deal with his client is between his client and him, you have nothing to do with it.


another thing . he threated me of bad review


Threats are a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Report them to Customer Support.

Again, it has nothing to do with him being a reseller.

And will you remove his country from your first post, please? It’s better for you if you remove it, instead of a mod after noticing the flag.