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App creation information

I saw a video that said there’s an app creation feature/service/system that is exclusively on fiverr. does anyone know anything about it or where to get it?
link to the video

There’s a misunderstanding here.

There is no Fiverr-exclusive app-creation system. The seller is basically trying to sell subscriptions.

(Give me a minute while I figure out just how many rules this profile is breaking.)


I think the video was confusing on purpose. This looks like a bait-and-switch gig to me.

Edit: The more I look at this, the more confused I get.
Are they building apps? Are they selling an app maker? Are they selling a subscription to an app maker? Are they coaching and teaching how to build apps?

It was (or probably still is) under some rules that all videos had/have to say something like “exclusively on Fiverr”. That’s why the video does. The seller might be only offering that particular service on Fiverr. Though the app creation system isn’t necessarily exclusive to Fiverr.

Also the re: services > 30 days of subscription, if the seller isn’t offering any other service after that. Maybe it’s okay. I don’t know. There is at least one Pro seller that’s offering yearly hosting and Fiverr are apparently okay with that.

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Probably something like that. Probably bought the (eg. developer) rights to an app builder and have the rights to resell it I think.

Through buying the person’s gig.

ok, thanks for your analysis…it looks to me like they are selling app developer for either single, double or multiple uses. you got confused by the same thing that i did…the ‘exclusive to fiverr’ details which made it sound like it was a fiverr created service.

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This is the rule that says it (though it’s not in the “adding a gig video” help so maybe it’s an older rule):

In the gig video section of the above link it says:

Make sure your video is no longer than 75 seconds and less than 50 MB. We recommend that you mention that your services are offered exclusively on Fiverr.

So that’s why probably nearly all gig videos will say something like that. I think if you didn’t add that that your gig video could be denied.

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Sooo, basically, they’re using Fiverr as a medium. I’m still not sure what for, exactly, which makes me admittedly suspicious that not everything is above the table.

It’s all confusing: from the video, to the descriptions, to the FAQ, to the reviews, to the pricing…

This is going to bug me, if the right thing to do is walk away or flag it for review.

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