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App developers: beware of gigs that give you ratings


Earlier this month I purchased 2 gigs from seller fragglesrock’ - “I will post 60 Ratings Including 5 Reviews with 30 G plus to your free android app for $5”. She delivered on time, and even though the order wasn’t quite complete as advertised (she did less than 30 G+), I left her 5-star reviews with nice comments (I didn’t want to go back and forth because of that minor detail). One of the apps I bought the gig for was very new when I ordered the gig, so I saw that the 60 ratings she left was bigger than the number of downloads at the time. This was strange so I asked her if she downloaded the app before rating or if she was able to get around that somehow. She never answered.

This morning Google started removing the ratings she did for both apps. I’ve told fragglesrock what happened and asked for a refund but doubt she’ll respond or refund my money. I don’t care about the $10 I spent; I just don’t want to get in trouble with Google over this and hopefully I won’t. So if you’re an app developer and thinking about ordering this gig, you might want to think twice. I wish I can change my review of this seller but you can’t change your review after 72 hours. I hope this post is helpful.

Sheriff’s note: sigh No calling out allowed on the forum. Please address your complaint to customer support - the clue is in the name - SUPPORT - we can’t really help you here on the forum


Update: The seller has refunded the $10. That’s nice, but that’s not why I posted here. I posted this for app developers to know that Google is cracking down on this and will remove ratings that you get through this gig. There’s nothing the Fiverr Support can do about that.


Thanks for the warning! It’s indeed usually not allowed to purchase ratings, as they should be natural and legitimate. So it’s best to get them the original way, marketing to not get into trouble with the big G. Sad to see that there’s so many such gigs here.

adsensewizard said: Sad to see that there's so many such gigs here.
I agree. I'm one of those people who likes to read reviews before buying something...or, I used to. Now I can't believe any of them. And I used to review books I've read but don't bother anymore, because the whole process of reviews has become tainted with such overwhelming dishonesty.