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App is not working


Am I the only one experiencing errors with the app?

Keeps saying Login Failed An error has occurred please try again later.

I have the right user info and it still doesn’t seem to work, deleted app, installed it again, rebooted my phone and nothing

Anybody know of a solution? I am getting messages from clients and I have to keep checking my e-mail


I had this SAME issue. Turns out that is was a blank space in my username at the end and fiverr was counting that blank space as a part of my username.

Look at the example and notice how the cursor has a space after my username finishes. Just make sure you knock the cursor back closer to the username.

This happened for me and it worked.


I don’t have a blank space. As soon as I open the app that happens. I try to put my user info and I get the same message again…


I’m not if this is related to all the spam messages that were coming in yesterday