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App Notification Issue!


There is a big issue on the fiverr mobile app. I am getting a notification after 1 hour. Anybody has noticed this issue.:cry:


Yes if you are on different network let say your laptop is on wifi and your mobile is on mobile network you will go through this issue.
Try both devices on same network it will solve your problem.


It’s not a fiverr issue, but a problem with their host on Amazon S3.
Not only fiverr affected.


don’t know about the issue! update your app, maybe it will be solved! I use my Mobile and PC in different networks but didn’t find any issue yet!


I am on the wifi network with both the devices .


i will try this ! thanks


Oh ! thanks for your information .


though the android app is lagging sometimes! :unamused:


The problem is solved after i bought a new phone! HAHAHA


Its better if you can inform this to fiverr customer support.