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App review fail

Please help me! How can I change a review? Working in the app, I gave all 5 stars everywhere, but when I see the review now, the stars all wrong and to low! I love this seller and wanted all top marks on My review! I don’t want to ruin it for the seller. How can I change My review for the better? Please please help me…

If I am not mistaken, you could let your seller know the issue and could direct them to go to the resolution center and initiate a request for changing the buyer’s (your) rating.

Then, I think you will get a notification saying the seller is requesting for a change in rating and then you will be able to change it.

However, in addition to what I have mentioned above, I would recommend that you contact CS and let them know of the issue as well. This will help protect the seller from being mistakenly penalized by Fiverr (which can happen sometimes cuz Fiverr might think that the seller has persuaded the buyer into changing the rating of the order — which is against ToS).

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Please contact support and you can forward the same message you wrote here, must be done within 3 days after rating is given.

Please hurry, someones freelancing life is at stake