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App Review Problem


I am HM Saad Khanna. my friend Adnan got a job about app review. He facing a problem about this. We also unknown form this problem. that’s why i need help from experienced. He review a app more than 20 different id and installed. But google showing only 4/5 review in these app. I think it dropped by google. If any one have experience this similar problem please help me and my friend.


Fake reviews are not allowed by Google Play’s Terms of Service, so Fiverr doesn’t allow it as a service, either.

That’s very likely, because your friend is violating their terms.

Don’t offer a forbidden service, or Fiverr might ban you… Offer only legitimate services.


Google is not dumb. They know what your friend is doing and they are punishing him. They do not allow this. And also fiverr does not allow this kind of gig since it violates the terms of service of google.


Google has self driving cars, mapped the world and plans to send satellites into space.
Anyone who thinks they can outsmart this company by using things like VPNs, multiple IDs, spam links etc to cheat their way to the top of search rankings, youtube or the play store is just kidding themselves.

Anyway, you asked for some help to solve your problem, so here it is.

Stop cheating - This is what Google does to cheaters.