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Appalling customer


I just had a client leave a bad review because I wouldnt drop everyone elses work to do theirs and fiverr wont take their review off. How can I protect myself from vile people like this?


You can’t sadly. BUT I wouldn’t worry if this is a one-off. I always answer reviews in the same way you have and in a recent case, I suddenly started getting deluged with new orders from far better clients on a new gig with only 5 reviews, the last of which was from a spectacularly vile individual who if I hadn’t told my side of the story, could have well killed it.

Chin up. never give in, and always give a slap in the face back as hard as the one someone has just tried to give you for no logical reason.


Thank you for taking the time to write this, it has cheered me up a bit.
I spend a lot of time and money trying to give the best service and quality of product, and this just kicked me in the teeth to be honest…


Mike, knowing the continuous excellence of your work, I’m sure this negative review will soon be flooded by many great reviews of all your faithful customers and many new ones. Don’t be disappointed. There are vile people everywhere. Any potential customer taking a look at your profile and samples will understand this is just a bad guy having a bad day.


Most of the buyers don’t know that leaving a negative or an average review affects sellers business alot.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Immediately contact the buyer and request him to reconsider his/her review and ratings and try to please buyer to resolve all issues.

  2. Offer him some extra services/bonus.

  3. Clearly tell the buyer that how it’s affecting you.

  4. Message the buyer and ask him how you can achieve his/her 5-star rating.

Personally, I use 3 and 4 option and it actually works.


I’m not sure about that, @negiservice
It’s against Fiverr TOS to mess around with the order ratings and to to be persistent on asking for a customer change of the review, and if the client is vile enough, he could get you into trouble with the Safety and Trust team. I wouldn’t insist.


I dont think you understand that he left the bad review out of spite, there is nothing wrong with the job I did otherwise he would have asked for a modification, which he didnt.
He left the bad review because I wouldnt drop everyone elses jobs to do his first, in my 4 years experience on here he is hardly going to change the review because I ask him nicely, he will more than likely just laugh.

In a message I asked him why he had done it and he said “because you asked for it” this isnt a reply from a sane intelligent person that you can reason with.


Thank you for that…


I don’t think so. :thinking:

Yesterday I read all of the Terms of Use of Fiverr and I did not find anything related to ‘mess around with the order ratings and to to be persistent on asking for a customer change of the review’


Just a quick update Fiverr has just read all the messages from this client, and have decided to take the bad review off.

Thank you Fiverr


That’s a big thumbs up for cs!


oh! That’s really amazing news :scream:


This is a message from CS.


The part where it says “without solicitacion or manipulation” is the key to all this.
I’d rather have a negative review than trying to change it and be flagged, as this whole “manipulation/solicitation” is very subjective and mean people can have a lot of time and be very persuasive.

Just saying.


Thanks for sharing :grin:


I had a customer a couple of days ago that actually expected me to hold their hand 24/7 while I was illustrating their characters. In other words, he wanted me to chat back and forth with him nonstop, and he lost his marbles when I told him I was at work and couldn’t talk.

I told him to leave instructions in the order and I would review it later and send him a sketch, and he threatened me with a report if I didn’t cancel the order. So basically I went from 100% to 89% in order completion. I’ll lose my level 2 if I don’t get it back up there.

Some people’s children…


Just dropping in as I heard the horror stories of appalling customers who would leave bad reviews. I’d been lucky enough to steer clear of the bad ones until a month ago I worked with a client. Delivered his book. Heard nothing for 15 days, order automatically completed. He contacted me asking if I could “redo” his book. (Which I offered to give him a revision since he did not get to use his but only on the current book) he wanted it changed completely because he no longer wanted that idea. It takes me hours of work so I defended myself… He left me a 2-star review because he said “I lacked creativity”… I feel like people don’t understand how much bad reviews hurt business but not only that… It really really hurt my feelings too, hiding behind a screen suddenly takes away that personal aspect to where people can just be mean poopheads. I’m so sorry you had such a horrible experience too. If our clients could go ONE day as a seller I think they’d appreciate us a little more. Haha :yellow_heart::green_heart:


Congratulations! I am amazed. I didn’t know they still did that.


I’m glad you got it removed.

You have the most classic voice I’ve heard in most UK commercials. Absolutely great gigs, I can’t believe the price is that low!


Sorry about the bad review, I know that’s a morale crusher. :frowning: