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Apparent solicitation of a minor -- How to report?

I have encountered a buyer request looking for teenagers to read and record explicit material that likewise directs interested parties to contact the buyer via whatsapp. This seems inappropriate, but I cannot find where I would report this issue.


Unfortunately, there is no place to report because the Buyer Request section is trash. However, that is clearly a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, along with being ethically and legally wrong. I would either take a screenshot and send it as a ticket to Customer Service or, if the buyer happens to be a seller as well, search their name in Buyer’s mode and report their account.


Well, I thank you for the answer, even though I am deeply confused and a tad concerned as to how the website lacks clear guidance on how to report these matters. Much appreciated, I’ll put a ticket in.

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I’m concerned about it too… alright, I hope it goes well!