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Apparently "bad feedback" can't be removed, even if buyer is clearly at fault.(please close thread)

Apparently “bad feedback” can’t be removed, even if buyer is clearly at fault. I had a feedback for a “typo” that wasn’t actually a typo as I mentioned way back when in a previous discussion. The “typo” is actually a word spelled differently in their country as opposed to mine. I fixed the “typo” and the feedback was still left. So I have a feedback slandering me in essence, from a typo that wasn’t even in the final delivery. Without buyers “consent” the feedback can’t be removed. If that’s the case, why is it even an option to contact CS anymore? Is this a recent change? I never had such trouble getting feedback removed when I was clearly right in the past. It’s an old feedback and the only one I have that’s bad, but it’s still annoying to have when I didn’t even do anything wrong. Perhaps maybe I am just having a string of bad luck with CS lately.

By getting consent they know that the issue is actually fixed. If the buyer does not give consent then they have absolutely no idea whether the problem is dealt with or not.

@ryangillam Well, it’s a “typo”. Do I have to take a screen-shot of some spell-check saying no errors were found? That would be about the only viable way to prove my case after the buyer essentially ignored me from that point on. The guy in question said it was the “principle of the typo” as to why he refused to remove the feedback. Only problem is the “typo” never existed, and any CS that has five minutes to spare and run the content through a spell-check can prove just that. I am not sure how exactly you could prove it beyond that point? So I need the buyers consent to have a feedback removed that the buyer couldn’t even prove in the first place? Isn’t that kind of silly?

I agree with you wholeheartedly! In this case, the “typo” was only a “typo” in one place, not the other, but in any case it was changed in the final product to what the buyer wanted. The buyer is being incredibly obdurate (and frankly, more than a little ignorant) to keep the unwarranted negative feedback up. He had no valid reason to post a negative in the first place! And since reputation is THE major selling point we have on Fiverr, the negative should get the boot. All it should take is for CS to look at copies of the communication/screenshots or whatever to see the situation for what it is, and just remove the negative since the buyer refuses for his own imaginary reasons.

@celticmoon Yeah, honestly. I am more worried about when I decide to scale up my business on Fiverr. When simple issues like this are difficult, I can only imagine what hassle I would have to deal with on a daily basis. Especially when proving my case isn’t valid because the buyer didn’t agree with it despite valid proof being presented. They didn’t even disagree on that aspect, they just simply said without the buyer consent(which they will never give, obviously.) it can’t be. It almost sounds like they agree with what I stated and provided, but since the buyer won’t agree to it, it won’t be removed. I had a previous issue I had to deal with via a mutual cancellation because apparently slander wasn’t a valid enough reason to have feedback removed. Just not been a good month for me. I am glad that I only have to deal with these issues maybe a few times a year. I imagine scaling up though it might be once a month. sigh

Oh, I also didn’t mention this but the buyer actually placed numerous previous orders without an issue. They were happy with many orders, then what I would consider a very minor issue(He even referred to it as minor.) is what I get a bad feedback on. It wasn’t even a valid issue, which is what frustrates me most.

It’s frustrating! I had someone today leave negative feedback, when I delivered exactly what was asked, then 5 minutes later they purchased the Gig again. Good luck.

I presume this is about the ‘color’ versus ‘colour’ type of typo? Then, in my view, you should not have been given negative feedback in the first place. This sounds a bit like an American being told by a Brit that he/ she cannot write English properly, or a Belgian being told by a Frenchman that he/ she cannot properly write French, and a Belgian being told by a Dutchman that he/she cannot properly write Dutch! Being Belgian, I am pretty familiar with those kinds of situations, but luckily enough, they did not result in negative feedback for me yet. I know make sure that I mention before taking on a job that I am Belgian, and that buyers have to state whether they want Belgian or Dutch Dutch, and the same goes for French: I tell people that I will write Belgian French, because that is what my parents taught me. CS should be made aware of this!

vipdjz said: It's frustrating! I had someone today leave negative feedback, when I delivered exactly what was asked, then 5 minutes later they purchased the Gig again. Good luck.

OMG, that is terrible! I do not get these people. They gave you a negative and yet they want another order delivered?!

Reply to @vipdjz: I think part of the issue is that buyers don’t realize how seriously a bad feedback can effect the seller. In a case with me I am not worried about it effecting my sales, but more worried about it effecting my level and extras on the particular gig.

@belgianwriter Yeah, that was it. Something along those lines. It’s an old feedback but I was looking for some fresh input to maybe finally get CS to see how silly the feedback was in the first place. At this point I was a bit offensive to the buyer, but wouldn’t you be for someone slandering you for $5? Not too big of an issue, I am close to the point of it getting buried if I remember how many feedbacks you need for that to be the case. It also never really did effect my sales despite what others say. I just don’t like being closer to at risk for losing extras on that gig. A writing gig without extras is almost pointless to run which is one of my main concerns.

@alliemadison12 That was afterwards. They actually changed the feedback 3 to 4 times(I really do hope they keep the old records.) Apparently Fiverr’s forum just gobbled up my lengthy response to this because of it being buggy.

Let’s use an example with your gig. This means that anyone that doesn’t like how you say a word in your video has grounds to keep that bad feedback there. It would be like someone saying to you that the way you said a word wasn’t what they were looking for. Essentially, the emphasis would be on how you pronounce it. So if you say it wrong, that’s grounds for a permanent bad feedback. No matter what valid proof you provide. I am not sure if TRS get a bit more wiggle room in regards to this, though. That wouldn’t offend you? It’s pretty offensive to me and do you think I am going to treat a buyer nicely that spent barely anything and is essentially slandering me, for $5? I take slander very seriously, whether it’s $5 or $50. I was initially very nice to the buyer which of course, they won’t mention. Note, Fiverr CS from my opinion actually AGREED with me, only problem is, without buyers consent they claim they can’t do anything anymore. It kind of gives me a big question on my mind as to what’s the point of even contacting CS anymore? It sounds like the only thing they could do on their end is remove feedback from those violating the TOS or in cases where the buyer agrees.

Other thing to note. Something I forgot to mention. The buyer marked my message as spam shortly after I told him that I was contesting the issue(No idea why I decided to let him know ahead of time, but I know i’ll never let any buyer know ahead of time again.). It caused a delay in my gigs and account over-all. I ended up getting it solved by Fiverr CS and account restored in full, but it lost me a few major clients as I couldn’t respond to them, and at this point I was pretty angry at the buyer. Even the false reporting he did wasn’t enough for CS to remove the feedback he left. I thought giving it some time and letting things “cool off” would help give a fresh view on this feedback, but apparently I am just wasting my time again with them.

I just took a look at the feedback. It appears you left out the part in this discussion where the feedback was not just for your typo, but mostly for your response. It is important to communicate with buyers professionally if you want them to provide a positive review.

Got some input from this discussion. Not sure I feel like discussing it any further for very particular reasons the main one of which is that it’s impossible to tell the whole story involved and the discussion got derailed a few times because of it and those jumping to conclusions. Whenever a forum mod sees this, I request this thread be closed, thanks.