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(Apparently I was wrong, nvm)

EDIT: Nevermind, seems like the user got banned! Woah

I finally had gotten my first order, and was quite excited about it, even though the client asked for something unusual and a little different than what I had advertised for. But I wasn’t going to judge and was too hyped up to think of refusing.

So it seemed like it was going well, I’ve shared my progress with them as I went along as agreed, and eventually they cancelled - meaning they got hours of my work for free - and blocked me, right after we were discussing adding more to it!

I’m super bummed about it, I’ll try to report it but it’s not even about the money and the hours of work I did for nothing as much as the fact that I got scammed by what I thought would be my first ever customer :confused:

Why did you accept their cancellation request? If you did the work, then there was no reason to cancel the completed order. The buyer merely asked for a cancellation; YOU cancelled the order.

I assumed they cancelled, I was just talking to them and all of a sudden I could not contact them and the order was cancelled. I’m going to look into this if that really can’t have happened.

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Hi @tommykaine91,

Most probably, your buyer got banned. Please check on their account if it’s still available.



I think that’s the case, I am no longer able to even see the profile. I thought it was due to being blocked :o

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I agree with @maitasun. If you didn’t accept a cancellation request (which would have cancelled the order), and the buyer is no longer on Fiverr, then it would appear that they either deleted their account (which seems odd midway through an order), or they were, indeed, banned for breaking Fiverr’s rules. If this is the case, Fiverr probably took action against the buyer, and ultimately, it would be the buyer’s fault for breaking the rules that likely got them banned.

When a buyer is banned, they are, essentially, wiped from the site. When this happens, there is no buyer account to connect/communicate with, so it likely looked like a block, but was, in actuality just them being gone and, consequently, unreachable.


@tommykaine91, I would suggest you contact CS and kindly ask them to please take care of that cancellation not affecting your stats, since it was due to a banned buyer.

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