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Apparently I'm from Canada

I know I only live an hour from the border, Fiverr, but I’m still an American…

Is this a widespread bug or just me?


You moved! I live an hour from the border too. I better check if I have moved too! :rofl:


Just noticed the ‘out of office’ toggle button, was it always there? Hadn’t noticed it before… but uh, they can’t even be bothered to capitalize the O? Poor form Fiverr!

Wow! I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. It must be new. I wonder if it puts you into “Vacation” mode or just “Offline” mode (probably the latter).

I have not moved! I am still at :house_with_garden: in the US!

Then maybe it’s just me. I’m so honored! :wink:

I’ll message support about it today.

Whoa, Canada? :hushed: How is the weather? :upside_down_face:

Vacay mode. However, I just noticed the toggle button, too. :smile:

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I read in another post that now instead of on vacation with :palm_tree: we are now seen as out of the office :briefcase: which is more professional. :blush:

You took a vacation to another country and did not even have to leave home! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Now that we may be in Canada, the Out of Office mode does seem to have replaced VM. It acts a bit different, though. You can leave a custom message (nice) and when the time you set is up, your gigs automatically go live instead of paused. I like it.


Neato! :heart: Love this feature, adding a personal touch makes it so much better. :sunglasses:

In the app, it doesn’t have a custom message option. (an update is in order :grin:)

Just these (3) options

  • I’m overbooked
  • I’ll be back soon
  • I’m on vacation

Hello to all :heart_eyes:

Sounds like someone at Fiverr is messing aboot for some reason.


I see the button and mine says “out of office” and is all the way to the left, so am I out of office now, or in office? edit: my gigs are online so I must be in office.

If the toggle button is ON (i.e. you are out of office), it should be all the way to the right, and more importantly it will be green! -well the toggle button itself wont be green, but the ‘base’ of the toggle if that makes sense :slight_smile:

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Fiverr doesn’t know what it’s talkin aboot

Canada? I live 1 hour from the US border! Yet when I joined in 13 it was spot on. I’m guessing it’s a bitbot mistake.

How fast did that change happen by the way?

I noticed it the other night when I was just about to close my laptop. I’m not sure how long it was like that but I emailed support the next day and they suggested I try logging out and back in again.

Next time I checked, it was fixed without me having to do anything. Just the bots having fun :wink:


@thecreativeguys @sydneymorgan we all live an hour from the northern border of the US. Maybe we are neighbors and do not even know it! Of course, the border is very extensive so maybe not!


Hmm. ■ Who knows! ■


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