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Apparently Immigrants aren't allowed on Fiverr

My account was disabled and Isn’t getting restored because I am an immigrant. Even though I am a Canadian citizen and I live in Canada, because I came from Iran and I also have an Iranian citizenship, I don’t deserve to use the platform. This doesn’t make any sense because when I go on fiverr, almost everyone there is an immigrant and I have seen many Iranians selling on that website. I also looked through their terms of conditions and cannot find where it said people with 2 citizenships aren’t allowed to use the website. I provided a screen shot of what they said !

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I have the same problem. I live in Kuwait and I was born here. I’ve been here all my life. I told them I had dual nationality other than my lebanese nationality, and they disregarded that and told me I’m prohibited from using fiverr because I’m a citizen of Lebanon. They’re so racist.

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That’s not racist. That’s political as fiverr is US and Israel based company they have to comply to rules of those countries.