Appearing in your own gig videos?


Hi there,

I am a writer here on Fiverr and I am planning to add videos to my gigs. I was thinking of recording myself talking about my gig, but I noticed that everyone else has animated or typography videos. The only people who I’ve seen appearing in their own videos are voiceover artists. Is there a reason the animated videos are dominating? Is it hard to get a video of yourself approved, or are animated videos more effective? Or do people just not want to go on camera? Your tips are much appreciated.



I belive that most people are not comfortable with appearing in a video ( i’m certainly not). Statistically a video can boost your views (if I don’t remember wrong), but I prefere to not appear in a video and put some images instead. Also, I’m not English native speaker so the result wouldn’t be professional.

I personally would prefere the real seller in a video, rather than a cartoon :slight_smile:


I do not care for videos except for voice artist - I’ve been toying with the idea of using one but haven’t gotten around to it yet. All the animated videos are the same - it’s basically whiteboard telling me why and what to order.

It’s time consuming to load, hit play and hit play again - don’t know why but I have to hit play twice and then wait for it to load - then it’s virtually the same animation that the other four sellers had on their gigs.

I prefer to see a really great profile page and gig page with unique samples - something to grab my attention. I don’t even bother looking at animation video anymore.


That’s interesting. I’ve used a video because Fiverr advise you that a video can help you convert more. Now I’m doubting hehe.


I am not a seller, but an avid buyer; therefore, I have no idea if it will or will not convert to sales.

I guess it depends on what you are selling. If you are selling whiteboard animation, it may not be a bad idea. Video on the “Fun & Lifestyle” is fun to watch.

I don’t care to watch animation in writing gigs, logo design, etc. Like you said, I would also like to watch real seller!


Typography or animation will work :slight_smile:


Majority of the sellers in here are from East who are not native english speakers. When I created a video for one of my gigs, the first problem I thought of recording myself is my English speaking. I am not a camera shy at all but there aren’t much buyers who don’t hate/dislike Indian accent. So, I went for animated video…

And on the other hand, If you can’t control your facial reactions then it would look like you are just vomiting a script. That can be another reason as well.


If you’re comfortable being in front of the camera, by all means, make a video. If you’re not, don’t.

Or you can do both, do a video of yourself and test it for a week, then do an animation or commercial.


:grinning: You have a great sense of humor!


No, it’s not. It’s just that the entry barrier to creating an animated intro video is lower than than of creating a personal video (camera, lights, audio, cropping the video, post production, not everyone can get it right). Plus, not everyone is comfortable in appearing in a video and pulling it off like an Oscar star. That’s why there are more more animated videos than personal ones and that increases the statistical probability of one of them being featured.

@gina_riley2 @espumita [quote=“gina_riley2, post:3, topic:99305”]
I prefer to see a really great profile page and gig page with unique samples

One can fit a lot more samples inside a video than the standard 3 image slots which Fiverr allows. If done properly, a video intro can lead to conversions. I am myself looking to add new sales copy, new images for all my gigs and animated video intros for at least 2 of my top gigs. Let’s see if I get a bump in impressions.


Did you notice a notable increase in impressions on your gigs which have videos vs when there was no video?


No. I was having videos on all my gigs but recently removed them(expect my photoshop gig) all because of the fat and ugly play sign on the display image.

Btw, I can’t really say if it didn’t helped because my performance is gradually increasing and there is no way I can tell that the video is not a reason.


For the service I offer, a video with me in it would take up screen time. I do believe a more personable experience is better, which is why I use my voice.


I was going to just record it on my phone. I don’t have any skills in video making. Does that change your recommendation?


I’m in experimentation phase myself, I cannot recommend one over the other because I have not tested both, I have a personal inclination towards the animated gig for reasons that I mentioned above : more opportunity to showcase more of your work.


Buyers all have unique preferences. A video may discourage some and help convert others. Fiverr’s statistics say that videos increase your sales by 220% (not sure if this is the maximum or the average), so overall a video is probably quite helpful. I’ve also read that it moves your gig up in the search rankings.