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Apple ID fiver App Question


I got a Question how can I log in on Apple ID in the fiver app no login button.Can I be online only on the fiver app or the fiverr web site?


Do you mean to log into Fiverr app on your Iphone? You can login with your Fiverr username and password or you can use any social plugins associated with your Fiverr account.

Once you are logged in to the Fiverr App you will stay signed in unless you manually sign out. You can still log in even with Safari or any browser and stay logged in. Plus you can be logged in with multiple devices like your laptop/computer.

You don’t have to log out of one device to log in using another device if that’s what you mean. Hope this helps


So I don’t need the mobile app for fiverr I can use my MacBook to stay online if I understand right. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use your Mac Book.

What I do is have an email sent to me whenever I get a message on Fiverr. Sometimes I hear the email ding notifying me I have a message on my phone before I hear it on my computer.


I understand now I just turn on the online button. Thank for the help.


Yes absolutely. However if you are inactive it won’t show you as online if that’s what you mean by “stay online”.


However, do not use an auto refresher. Then Fiverr may block temporarily and you may get a warning.


How long can you stay online with fiverr online web site I mean other then the fiverr mobile?

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As long as you want. I keep myself logged in the devices I use most of the time. It’s up to you. As I said earlier it won’t show you as online if you are inactive.

If you are concerned about the responsive rate, it’s not determined by your online status or how long you are logged in — I am not a 100% sure on this, maybe someone with more experience can help on this.

Thank I got it fixI put on a different phone.

Yes this is very helpful for newbie who don’t know about the affects of auto refresher
Thank you very much for sharing such kind of information :heartpulse: