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Application for Mutual Cancellation- Affects on my ratings?

I have recently finished a gig for a user, who did not even review it, yet he sent me 5 more orders. What he is requesting is not what my gig is about, I made an exception the first time but now what he requires is extremely testing and not at all what my gig is about anyway.

I am a writer, and I write essays/blogs/papers/reports, etc. I have done the odd review also. It is mentioned in my description that I prefer to have the research info sent to me and I will write from that.

This user asked for me to write descriptions on technical terms, doing all the research myself. I made an exception, but when he sent me 5 more, it was too much and I have requested they are all mutually cancelled.

I am worried if he does not accept the mutual cancellation, it will effect my ratings negatively, which worries me as I do not want future buyers to think my work is not up to standard by a negative rating from this.

I am new to Fiverr so I am not sure how it works, but I do not want to get a negative review over something that was not even what I am offering in my gig, and that does not at all reflect on my abilities as a writer, as the user stated if he was please with my work, then he would send me more orders. I assume by the orders he was happy, yet did not have the courtesy to confirm the order as complete and send me a review for my work.