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Apply for a job?

Hi, I was wondering if on Fiverr we can apply for jobs? so someone posts what they are seeking in terms of services, and we as the seller can apply to it?

or is it the case only the buyer can reach out to you?

thank you!

Yeah there is currently an option of “Buyer Requests” you definitely would love to use it.

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Yes you can apply for a Job !
Thats applying to buyer’s request
You will See MORE option of top on your dash board, and buyers’ requests inside !


thank you for the replies. when i go to the tab “more” and then select “buyer’s requests”, it is empty? i’m not sure what is going on. shouldn’t I be able to see everyone who is posting job postings looking to hire?

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The Buyer Request section is very limited. Here, this thread should answer some of your questions: