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Applying for Fiverr Pro

When I logged into Fiverr, I saw the blah-blah pros at the top of the page, but since I was too busy checking the orders I had, it became one of those “I’ll check it later but later never came” situation.

Daaaaays later I finally read through the whole thing, and I think I have a pretty good idea of
what it’s about.
I guess it means if I do everything the right way and I am accepted, I can start charging the
price I charge outside Fiverr and make much more. Sounds nice to me.

Hmmm…now I just need to get off my lazy butt and fill in the application form…

One thing is though, I got the impression that you will have a higher chance to get chosen
if you have a large pool of big-named clients OUTSIDE Fiverr. I know a lot of people who
only work on Fiverr and don’t really know if their clients were big named people or not,
they simply did thousands of gigs and got positive ratings. I hope Fiverr Pro isn’t only for
people who have experience outside Fiverr. Just thinking out loud…


The thing about being verified by Fiverr seems to be based on the ability to/track record of selling to bigger companies - after all, that is who the Pro gigs are aiming for so it makes sense. You can definitely use Fiverr clients as references but I believe they need to be above standard companies and above standard work to be considered.
The Pro badge is all about higher standard, not bulk orders so make sure to focus on those bigger jobs you have done.
No matter how many 5 star ratings someone has on < $50 orders, that does nothing towards saying that they are capable of providing a service worth hundreds or thousands.

I’m sure big name companies utilized Fiverr before, but we would have no way of knowing that because Fiverr’s platform is an anonymous marketplace. (Unless they’ve openly let you know.)

Just like @eoinfinnegan explained, having the ability to include big name brands in your portfolio will offer you the chance to become a Pro.

The Pro badge is completely different from the TRS badge.

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Ahhh, very good point!!

I believe I have (somewhat…) enough experiences outside Fiverr and I have done translation jobs for one of the biggest conventions in the west coast so I guess it’s worth a try.
Most of my illustration work outside Fiverr though is done in Japan, the publishing company is
famous enough back home, but let’s see how the Fiverr staff feel about this.

Thanks guys! :smiley:

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I’m seeing a trend in having “proof” that you’ve worked with these major companies.

Also note, I’m unsure as to whether your category is open to Pro Badges yet.

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PRO seller here - I was approached by Fiverr to apply for PRO gig status and do have a track record of writing for some semi-well-known businesses like Shutterstock, SitePoint, SaneBox etc.I am not sure if it made a difference or not…

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@frank_d and @emmaki are two of sellers who have been on Fiverr for a few years and selected to get the PRO label.

This is so true as far as I can see it. I mean, with TRS, you can stay anonymous. But if you want to get the PRO label on your profile, you must be willing to reveal who you are to the world. Or so I understood (errr am I right or wrong?). It´s a totally different ball game.

I’ve seen a pro gig without a profile photo of a person so no. (But you do have to give Fiverr your name when signing up)

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@thecreativeguys I see, thanks for clarifying that. :slight_smile:

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